Academic contacts

Staff affiliated with the Edinburgh Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust Institute.

Our institute draws its members from across the university.  The list below shows academics who lead research groups and teach relevant courses.  Many postdoctoral researchers and students are also affiliated.  Collectively our work led to the University's recognition as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) by the UK science funding agency UKRI and the UK Government.

If you are a member of academic staff and would like to be included on this list, please contact us to discuss.

Key Academic Staff

Member Interests School
Dr Myrto Arapinis Verification of cryptographic protocols, verification of security properties, detection of attacks, formal models, and protocol composition. Informatics
Prof David Aspinall Software security, user authentication, theorem proving, programming and specification languages. Informatics
Dr Pramod Bhatotia Software security, secure storage, security for distributed systems, and hardware-assisted security. Informatics
Dr James Cheney Programming languages, databases, logic/verification.  Applications to provenance, scientific data management, and security. Informatics
Dr Tariq Elahi

Anonymous communications, censorship resistance, and the internet of things.

Prof Elham Kashefi Quantum cryptography. Informatics
Dr Markulf Kohlweiss

Verification of cryptographic implementations, cryptographic currencies and zero-knowledge proof systems, privacy and anti-surveillance, ethics in cryptography.

Prof Andrew D. Gordon Programming languages and their semantics and logics, with application to security and privacy, machine learning, concurrency, and databases. Informatics
Prof Harald Haas Wireless system engineering and digital signal processing, especially optical and hybrid optical-RF. Engineering
Prof Aggelos Kiayias Broad perspective on cryptography and cyber security with emphasis on blockchain systems, e-voting protocols, digital content distribution, privacy and identity management. Informatics
Dr Ewa Luger Applied ethics: data governance, consent, privacy and making intelligent systems intelligible to the user. Design Informatics
Dr Chris Xiaoxuan Lu Safety and reliability of mobile robotics, side channels in IoT, biometrics for wearables, identity and location privacy, mixed reality Informatics
Dr Mahesh Marina Mobile authentication and privacy, and distributed intrusion detection. Informatics
Dr Paul Patras Performance optimisation in wireless networks, network protocols and architectures, prototyping and test beds, security and privacy of IoT systems. Informatics
Prof Charles Raab Public policy, governance and regulation for information privacy, surveillance and security, and identity. Social and Political Sciences
Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy Autonomous robotics, robot learning, safe and explainable artificial intelligence. Informatics
Prof Tharm Ratnarajah Wireless communications, information theory, physical layer security, 5G and wide-area IoT. Engineering
Prof Burkhard Schafer Legal concepts of privacy and security and their computational implementation, legal forensics. Law
Prof Chris Speed Designing provocative interventions to support usable security or highlight user risks. Design Informatics
Dr Ian Stark Mobile security and its verification. Formal models of systems and architecture, including security-oriented capability hardware. Informatics
Dr Kami Vaniea Human factors of security and privacy, particularly supporting users in making good security decisions. Informatics
Dr Vesselin Velichkov

Symmetric-key cryptography and cryptanalysis, block ciphers, tools for cryptanalysis.


Affiliated Staff

Member Interests School
Mr Paul Anderson Large infrastructure management; configuration languages, including provenance and security. Informatics
Prof Stuart Anderson Design and analysis of complex systems, risks in socio-technical systems. Informatics
Dr Angus Bancroft Sociology of cyber-criminal markets, techno-politics of anonymity. Sociology
Prof Alan Bundy Application of automated reasoning to verify, disprove or reverse engineer security-critical programs. Informatics
Prof Mike Davies Imaging and signal processing; detection, classification and signal separation for surveillance. Engineering
Prof Wenfei Fan Access control security for structured data in XML, data cleaning. Informatics
Dr Mehrdad Mizani Cyber security in health data science, utility-based privacy protection, network security, DDoS prevention, cloud security. Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics
Dr Andrew Neal

Security policy, politics and scrutiny, and their expansion over time.

Politics and International Relations
Prof Dave Robertson

Security and privacy and trust and reputation in distributed systems and social computation.

Dr Michael Rovatsos Reputation in multiagent systems, restricted information sharing in distributed data mining. Informatics
Prof Don Sannella Formal methods for secure systems development, using algebraic and mechanised reasoning. Informatics
Dr Rik Sarkar

Distributed and wireless routing protocols and attacks, location privacy.

Dr Charles Sutton Machine learning; applications to software engineering, programming languages, and computer security. Informatics
Dr Lachlan Urquhart Regulatory, human computer interaction and ethical aspects of ubiquitous computing, especially data protection and security. Law
Prof Philip Wadler Programming language design and foundations that support better security, especially using types. Informatics
Dr Petros Wallden Quantum cryptography, especially quantum digital signatures; quantum theory foundations. Informatics
Dr Maria Wolters Private and secure eHealth. Design Informatics